Home is where the Hill is

I know how fortunate I am. At least, I think I do; and I try to never take the opportunities given to me for granted. I try to always be grateful and appreciative of my life and the people in it. However, this week I am feeling extra grateful for Mount Mercy and all my professors and peers, especially in the English department.

This past Wednesday was Scholarship Day, where students presented research projects and other projects they’ve been working on throughout the year. For the English Department, this was our time to show off the new interdisciplinary online publication I am a student editor for, Perceptions. In addition, the editors of the Paha Magazine got to unveil this year’s edition!

Overall, it was a great day that left me feeling super proud of my peers. As I presented Perceptions, I felt nothing but love and encouragement from all of my fellow English majors and professors in the room. I am so lucky that I have found what I love to do, but even luckier that I’m surrounded by individuals who not only share that same love, but share a mutual love for one another.

Through by jam packed schedule, late nights at the library, and long work days, it’s days like this that remind me again how lucky I am. And let me tell you, I am one lucky girl.

The 108th day of January!! But it’s oh so pretty!

Last year at this time, I specifically remember spreading a blanket out on the Greenspace, tucking my hair into a hat to shield the sun, and opening my book to study, with the scent of freshly mowed grass wafting throughout the air (one of my favorite smells). However, this April I am currently huddled under a blanket while I repeatedly refresh the AccuWeather app hoping that the giant chunk of blue and white is all a dream and there’s not actually snow on the ground. I blink a few times. Yep, the snow is still there and more is coming.

Looking out the window, even through my rage at Mother Nature, I couldn’t help but notice how pretty the big chunks of fluffy white snow looked falling on the grotto and the tall cedar trees. Thinking I needed to get myself out of my pjs finally, I throw my snow boots on that were packed up in storage, and trudge outside with my camera.

To my surprise, the temperature outside was fairly pleasant and I got a kick out of the big snowflakes landing on my hair. I enjoyed my time outside snapping pictures even though it was snowing…In April…



ICMA + the Coming of this Blog + State Capitol

I get a lot of flack for being an English major. When most people find out that I am pursuing an English degree they wrinkle their noses and ask, “So you want to be a teacher?” Not quite. Or, they’ll ask in a “I’m-trying-really-hard-not-to-be-critical-but-I’m-not-trying-hard-enough” tone, “Oh. What can you do with thaaaat?” or “What do you wanna do with that?”. But. As if they weren’t already displeased with my ‘unrealistic’ and ‘waste of time’ field of study, they really become horrified when I tell them the answer to their questions.

The truth? I have zero idea what I want to do! Zero! But. The possibilities are nearly endless. You can imagine their horror when they find out I’m after a degree that I have no idea what in the world I want to do with it. Believe me. Somedays I feel that horror too. But there’s something magical about being lost down the right path.

This past weekend, as apart of the editorial staff of the MMU Times, our campus newspaper, we attended the Iowa Collegiate Media Association Conference. It was a great two days, where we networked with print, media, publishing, and marketing companies, listened to decorated journalists, and attended a panel about being a young professional in the media biz. We also got to tour The Des Moines Register! (Soooo cool omg).

Being around others who share some of the same interests as me (writing, graphic design, reporting, radio, journalism, etc.) was inspiring and intimidating all the same! However, what I took away from ICMA just reassured myself it’s ok to be pursuing a degree where I can’t see the end result. Especially when I love the path.

We English majors are brave. We are devoting so much to an unknown career path that is still being developed.

Leaving ICMA, I felt so sure that there are so many opportunities out there for English/Communication majors like myself. From a company’s social media manager to a columnist for a newspaper, I can take this, and go down so many avenues. In addition, I felt motivated to start this blog and really launch my newfound love for photography – something that I’ve been too timid to do in the past.

On the way out of Des Moines, we stopped by the Iowa State Capitol Building! A first for me! I must have missed that field trip in elementary school, because how in the heck haven’t I been to our State Capitol?! Needless to say, I found it exquisitely beautiful, and of course I had to snap a few pictures!


Hi there! Wowza, I’m so happy you’re checking out this lil site of mine! After thinking about starting this up for awhile now, I finally told myself to just do it!! I pushed aside all the nervous butterflies, feelings of not being enough, and my own self doubt, and here I am jumping in with both feet!

I hope you check out this site from time to time to see what I’ve been up to! More so, I hope to hear from you about setting up a time to snap some pictures of you, your family, your other half, your kids! Endless possibilities! I couldn’t be more excited!

***IMPORTANT NEWS!*** I will be offering 25% off for the first few people who reach out to me with interest! 🙂

Send any questions, uncertainties, and comments my way! Enjoy! I can’t wait to hear from you!