The 108th day of January!! But it’s oh so pretty!

Last year at this time, I specifically remember spreading a blanket out on the Greenspace, tucking my hair into a hat to shield the sun, and opening my book to study, with the scent of freshly mowed grass wafting throughout the air (one of my favorite smells). However, this April I am currently huddled under a blanket while I repeatedly refresh the AccuWeather app hoping that the giant chunk of blue and white is all a dream and there’s not actually snow on the ground. I blink a few times. Yep, the snow is still there and more is coming.

Looking out the window, even through my rage at Mother Nature, I couldn’t help but notice how pretty the big chunks of fluffy white snow looked falling on the grotto and the tall cedar trees. Thinking I needed to get myself out of my pjs finally, I throw my snow boots on that were packed up in storage, and trudge outside with my camera.

To my surprise, the temperature outside was fairly pleasant and I got a kick out of the big snowflakes landing on my hair. I enjoyed my time outside snapping pictures even though it was snowing…In April…




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